A Dream about Analytical Employment

I had a recent dream about being hired as an analyst for an eclectic company. I was one of three analysts reporting to a producer. This made me one of the suits.

The job consisted mostly of reviewing idea submissions and general research. The actual job was mostly "other duties as assigned." During the first month the boss kept saying things like "you need xyz, I will have some samples delivered with a product catalog." There always seemed to be things to do. One day I was shown my office by an administrator which to this point was a secret. The office was piled up with various product samples mentioned in earlier discussions. The administrator was a lascivious female seductress.

One day the boss held a meeting with the three analysts. "I'm moving the location of our brothel from street level stand alone building to room 10-H in the hotel next door. Construction is mostly done. We are having a walk-through." This is the first time any of the analysts had heard of the brothel.

The four of us travel to the 10th floor of the hotel. Room 10-H had a push plate instead of a knob, no lock, and an automatic closure spring. The four of us started touring at our own pace. There was a series of irregular rooms, each with a different color scheme, including different colored carpets. There was a single doorway in and a single doorway out for each room, but without doors. It appeared that much of the tenth floor is now connected through the 10-H entrance. There was no furniture yet. The fourth room contained a reception desk and a receptionist. The receptionist explained some background. The current street level brothel location in the separate building is being persuaded to move. The owner the hotel did not want the new brothel location to be in the lobby, but the tenth floor was okay. The receptionist has a promotional photograph of the madam overprinted with the existing brothel location. I ask the receptionist if the madam was at the walk-through. The answer was no since she was actively supervising. I asked the receptionist where the other suits were. Needed to explain the term "suits." The suits and about 30 other people were in various phases of inspection.

A review meeting occurred on the parking lot for the boss, the three analysts, and the 30 others. There were several sofas in the parking lot laid end-to-end and in rows. The boss asked "what do you think?" Everyone answered in turn. My notes were (a) It is unclear if the purpose for the first three rooms are waiting room or operational rooms. (b) If the first three rooms are functional, then privacy doors would be appropriate. (c) Should reception be in the first room? (d) There needs to be at least one functional room decorated in traditional brothel style, such as red velvet wall paper. (e) A hallway with doors to each functional room would be better than pass-through rooms. (f) Do the pass through rooms meet fire code? (g) Where is the piano going?

My review notes were well received, along with everyone else's notes.

Apparently this is how an analyst earns a living.

Jeffrey Sward December 2021